1. Senior Living 411: Senior Community Navigation Sean Leary 15:30

While we all age, the aging process is relative to numerous life variables that impact each of us at different rates. Regardless of where your aging parents are on the aging spectrum, there is a senior-living community that is designed to meet you’re their lifestyle and care needs. The good news is that today’s senior living communities are NOT like your grandparents’ nursing homes…

Today’s options for elder care and senior living are plentiful. For those that want to remain at home, visiting homecare may be an option. Those that want to maintain an active lifestyle (without the yard word) an independent living environment may be the best fit. Many senior living communities provide independent living to multi-level caregiving along with structure activities, in-house dining, and apartment-style accommodations. Learning all of the living and care options, placement requirements, and costs will ensure that you and your parents are making the best informed decisions for their situation.

Senior Living 411: Senior Community Navigation
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