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Barely There Theatre

Alexander Richardson( From Independent Podcaster)

Barely There Theatre will release an audio play every month, with behind-the-scenes rehearsal audio coming out in the following weeks. The plays will be polished pieces while the rehearsals will be mostly unmastered recordings of the rehearsal process. The goal is:

a) To produce plays with my friends and colleagues that people anywhere can access for free.

b) Give people an insight into what the creative process looks like for each project and do all of this at no charge to the audience.

The plays themselves will be about… we don’t know yet. They’ll range in tone from funny to serious, quaint to existential, mature to not-so-mature. Down the road there may be more visual components to each podcast, but that’s a hurdle for another day.

Find us at our website, https://www.barelytheretheatre.com/

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Mature Content

Rehearsal for our August 2022 play, Menu's Menus.Featuring Margie Mintz, Adam Cerny, Cynthia Taylor, and Alexander Richardson.Subscribe to Barely There Theatre on your platform of choice at...

Listen · 33:48
Mature Content

Two women try out the newest and most popular restaurant in town, Menu’s Menus. What they don’t realize is that dining at Menu’s Menus comes with a very particular set of rules that must be...

Listen · 21:04
Mature Content

Rehearsal for our July 2022 play, Alice Gerstenberg's 'Overtones'.Featuring Cynthia Taylor, Alisha Hanes, Sydney Dexter, Jo Vasquez, Emmalee Hillburn, Shyan DeVoss, and Alexander Richardson.Subscribe...

Listen · 38:36

Alice Gerstenberg’s “Overtones”, originally written in 1915, adapted for the radio. Two women reunite in order to scheme against one another. Margaret wants Harriet’s husband. Harriet wants...

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Mature Content

The rehearsal for Barely There Theatre's March 2022 play, The DisAstor Riots. Featuring Doug Kutzli, Savannah Bay Strandin, Tristan Tapscott, and Alexander Richardson.Subscribe to our podcast at...

Listen · 56:03
Mature Content

A mostly historical retelling of the real life story of the deadly Astor Place Riots which broke out between May 7 and 10, 1849, in New York City over a production of William Shakespeare's Macbeth....

Listen · 48:26