1. 322: MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! William Pepper 1:40:46

No Christmas content really this episode, but it’s dropping on Christmas Day, so…MERRY CHRISTMAS! Hope you and yours have a lovely day and joyous holiday season!

Here at the podcast, we’re relaxing with a movie as is our tradition for the last episode of the year. This time, it’s the 1963 classic JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS. Ancient Greek Gods! Skeletons with swords! Goat-based slapstick!

As usual, we have a friend dropping by for movie time. It would be great if it was Santa Claus, but we got someone even better! Jeff Fulton from “Into the Verticial Blank” joins me on the quest to find the tree at the end of the world. Or, you know, a quest to talk about a movie which is way easier.

I hope you and yours have a great end of the year. Talk to you again in 2023!

Thanks to Kevin McLeod at Incompetech.com for creative commons use of his songs “Take a Chance”, “Reformat”, “Pinbal Spring” and “Jingle Bells”. 

Thanks to Sean Courtney for the Storytime theme.

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William Pepper is a local playwright (New Ground Theatre, Augustana Playwrights Festival), very occasional actor (Playcrafters), blogger (http://www.williamallenpepper.wordpress.com/), author (In the St. Nick of Time) and now, he's a podcaster too.