Andrew King performs at Garage 3

Andrew King performs at Garage 3

There have been many spirited discussions, parties and creative meetings of the minds and performances held in garages, with and without the use of musical instruments. So much so that an entire subgenre of music, garage rock, has been named for it.

Dylan Parker and Sean Whitney have taken that to the next level with Garage 3.

The Rock Island performance space hosts a variety of poetry, comedy and spoken word performances in, well, Parker’s garage.

On Wednesday, July 20, an attractive audience gathered at Garage3, named as being the third garage on the property of #MrRockIsland himself Dylan Parker, local delegate to the Democratic National Convention. Located at 817 22nd Street in the historic Broadway District of Rock Island, the crowd braved the heat and humidity in hopes of hearing some jokes that would actually make them laugh. As it turned out, luck was with us all that evening.

The show opened with local comedians Austin Black, Andrew King, and Wayne Lyter. They were followed by Drift Roberts of Peoria and Joey Ficken of Ames. Headlining was Chris Charpentier of Los Angeles. Charpentier and Ficken are currently touring the Midwest.

Charpentier told some great jokes about his love affair with his luscious hair and life in Los Angeles. He spent a good deal of time complaining about the heat and humidity here in the Midwest and the audience laughed hard.

Donny Townsend performs at Garage 3.

Donny Townsend performs at Garage 3.

The idea of Garage3 came about last year when manager of Garage3 Sean Whitney was stuck looking for a venue for a touring poet. The Parkers gladly welcomed him to their third garage and history was made. Drawing acts from Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, Portland, and the Midwest, Garage3 seems to have become a stopping place for touring poets, spoken word artists, and comedians.

“Since it is in a very residential area, we decided not to book music shows,” said Whitney, “Out of respect for the neighborhood.”

Also in respect for the neighborhood, attendees are encouraged to not park on the street. Parking is available at the Karpeles Museum on the corner of 22nd Street and 7th Avenue or in the church lot on 23rd Street.

The next Garage 3 event is Matthew Heston! with Emily Kingery and Nathan McDowell at 7 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 17. Admission is free but donations for the performers are encouraged. Follow Garage3 on Facebook at  to keep up to date on this and other upcoming events.

The Hype Is Real About Garage 3
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The Hype Is Real About Garage 3

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