In 1975, there were only 84 participants. Only 3 were women. The Bix 7 has come a long way since its inception.

After participating in the 1974 Boston Marathon, John Hudetz (Bettendorf) and a few of his friends decided to bring a bit of the ‘running craze’ home to the Quad Cities. They created the Cornbelt Running Club. This group of friends saw a future in the sport of running and started the plans to bring a race worthy of Boston Marathon standards to the Quad Cities.

The decision to make this run a 7-mile race was an extremely unique idea. The first Bix 7 was not an easy-going accomplishment. Permits were fought for,  runners had to be registered and Hudetz had to promise the chief of police that he could fire the 12-gauge shotgun to get the race started.

Today, the Bix 7 brings runners from all over the world. Trained runners, aspiring runners and “runners” with a cause. The beauty in nearly 18,000 people coming together for a common cause is a very impressive thing.

Not only does the Bix 7 bring together those who participate in the race, but it brings together neighborhoods surrounding the race. The atmosphere in Davenport on Bix Day is like none other. There’s most definitely an electricity to it.

Davenport residents like Karl and Lisa Johannsen hold a Bix Run Breakfast every year and have for 30 years. As you look around, you can see the excitement and enjoyment that the entire city feels as a result of the Bix 7.

Here are a few of the images captured of the dedicated, honorable and extremely impressive runners from the Bix 7.

The start of the race kicks off with patriotic motorcyclists.

Here they come!


Bix Please! Here is mother (Kyle Kephart Franklin of East Moline) and daughters (Shaey Ledbetter of Colona and Jaryn Franklin of Dubuque).


Dedicated participants Ryan Smith (Burlington), Abbi Vogele (Silvis), Blake Kirschbaum (Silvis) and Hannah Wright (Burlington).

The end of the 2018 Bix 7. Congratulations to everyone who participated! When the trail vehicle drives past, the party has begun!



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