Western Illinois University and John Wood Community College (JWCC) officials and faculty members joined together today (Jan. 20) for a formal signing of a 2+2 agricultural articulation agreement at the new JWCC Agricultural Education Center.

This Articulation Agreement, referred to also as a 2+2 Agreement, is for those students who transfer from JWCC with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Agricultural Business and pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Science at WIU.

Articulation agreements document a pathway between two or more colleges or universities and their academic programs. Colleges and universities publish articulation agreements after reviewing the curriculum and the level of instruction. The agreements simplify the complexity of determining what courses to take. They focus on a specific area of study and help students who complete two years of college before attending the four-year program. Transfer agreements are guidelines that highlight an acknowledgement and partnership between schools worth following to avoid the often costly and sometimes confusing process of credit transfer.

“Western Illinois University is excited to partner with John Wood Community College to offer a smooth transfer experience and transition for agriculture students wishing to continue their education. We look forward to continuing to work with John Wood to provide agreements that benefit students in the region,” WIU President Guiyou Huang said.

Western Illinois and John Wood Community College Sign Agricultural Articulation Agreement

JWCC President Bryan Renfro shared, “We at John Wood Community College are proud of our partnership with Western Illinois University. Our institutions have a long-standing history of working together to provide opportunities to students across central Illinois. We are committed to continued collaboration to improve lives through education, discovery, and service. The signing of this articulation agreement for our agricultural programs is representative of the many opportunities we provide for students to pursue their hopes and dreams. JWCC and WIU share the belief that education changes life—a truth we see daily in our students and graduates. Partnering with Dr. Huang, his team, and the institution is an honor.”

With this agreement in place, students are assured that when transferring credit hours, they can complete their bachelor’s degree with the standard two years’ worth of courses.

For more information on WIU’s School of Agriculture, visit wiu.edu/ag. For more information on the articulation agreement, email WIU School of Agriculture Director Andrew Baker at AJ-Baker@wiu.edu, or contact JWCC Director of Public Relations Tracy Hagman at thagman@jwcc.edu.

Western Illinois and John Wood Community College Sign Agricultural Articulation Agreement
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Western Illinois and John Wood Community College Sign Agricultural Articulation Agreement

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