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What Are Some Of The Biggest Oscar SNUBS In History?

Oscar season is here and all the buzz around awards season got me thinking about the big snubs in the last 30+ years and how Pam Grier was robbed of a nomination for Jackie Brown. That led me down a mental rabbit hole and got me asking myself, “Who else should have been nominated?!” After scouring my brain for completely useless knowledge I came to a simple conclusion: the Academy should start giving out a special award for past work that was unrecognized.

Sounds wild, right?

Hear me out.

Sometimes the Academy gets it wrong. Sometimes performers make us… laugh… and we know how the Academy generally feels about that. Or sometimes they missed a performance of the year? Or a studio didn’t bother to bribe everyone in just the right way. There are many factors at play here but THE simple fact is SOMETIMES they miss.  I believe it’s time to change that. We need to right some wrongs!

What Are Some Of The Biggest Oscar SNUBS In History?Ok, ok… maybe not an award but like a retroactive nomination? It’s a wild idea but damn these performances rock!

The following is a list of performers who deserve recognition for their incredible work.

My Top 25 (in no real order) Should-Have-Been-Nominated Performances are:

  1. Nathan Lane – The Birdcage
  2. Tom Cruise – Vanilla Sky
  3. Billy Crudup – Almost Famous
  4. Emily Blunt – A Quiet Place
  5. Eddie Murphy – The Nutty Professor
  6. Pam Grier – Jackie Brown
  7. Amy Adams – Arrival
  8. Johnny Depp – Black Mass
  9. Jim Carrey – Man on the Moon
  10. Chevy Chase – Christmas Vacation
  11. Michelle Williams – Shutter Island
  12. Allison Janney – American Beauty
  13. Taraji P. Henson – Hustle & Flow
  14. Delroy Lindo – Da 5 Bloods
  15. Angela Bassett – Waiting to Exhale
  16. Bill Murray – Groundhog’s Day
  17. Michael Keaton – The Founder
  18. Jeff Daniels – Squid and the Whale
  19. Cameron Diaz – Vanilla Sky
  20. David Oyelowo – Selma
  21. Tom Cruise – Tropic Thunder
  22. Johnny Depp – Blow
  23. Steve Buscemi – Fargo
  24. Laura Linney – The Truman Show
  25. Eddie Murphy – Dolemite is My Name

What Are Some Of The Biggest Oscar SNUBS In History?What are some of yours?

Let’s start a list of under-recognized performances!

Spread the love, y’all!


What Are Some Of The Biggest Oscar SNUBS In History?

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