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Iowa’s Raccoon Motel Announces Steele Music Awards And Show

The Raccoon Motel is bringing a new kind of awards show to the Quad-Cities.

The Steele Awards, named after the emcee for most of the Moeller Nights shows, are debuting this year and will culminate in a future awards presentation and show. Here’s what the Raccoon folks announced this morning:

EVERY SINGLE YEAR the Grammy nominations come out and there are typically a few old homies that get a nod for something. But what more often tends to be the case is that all of the most deserving artists — the deserving ones that we here at the Raccoon Motel/Codfish Hollow/The Fox Den and in past lives through ten years of Daytrotter and other iterations see on a regular basis tend to be snubbed in these year end awards. Not that getting a Grammy is the end-all, be-all, but there should be some accountability for TRUE musicianship and those who actually deserve the accolades, rather than giving another trophy to the Foo Fighters (even if they are cool).

Iowa's Raccoon Motel Announces Steele Music Awards And Show

TODAY, we are starting The Steeles — named for our infamous MC Mike Steele — an awards show to beat many, if not all awards shows. We are opening the ballot boxes starting today through Dec. 15th at which point we will then send final ballots to all artists who have performed at either of the Raccoon Motels.

We will be hosting our live awards show at the Raccoon Motel Jan. 26th, featuring live performances by some of the winners (most likely — but we have no idea who’s going to win obviously). Tickets for the awards show will be on sale on Black Friday, Nov. 24th at 10 am! Limited to only 100!!

We would LOVE it if you would take a few minutes to tell us what you think the best records and songs of the year are. Surprise us, thrill us, enlighten us! Feel free to list as many in each category as you’d like. We will tabulate everything and whittle it down to the top five in each category. Then on Jan. 26, we can all celebrate what the ACTUAL best records and songs of the year are, right here at the Raccoon Motel, with Mike Steele shouting them the hell out! As they deserve!


(Send this link on to any and all of your friends who would love to chime in!)

Iowa's Raccoon Motel Announces Steele Music Awards And Show

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