No matter what your line of work may be, it’s pretty safe to say the current obligation of ‘social distancing’ will affect all of our daily lives for the near future. But have no fear, is here to help you find activities to fill that time!Reconnect with Your Inner Couch Potato While Practicing Safe Social Distancing

Do you catch yourself responding “I don’t have time to watch that,” when asked by a co-worker, friend or family member if you caught the latest episode of NCIS or saw the newest Netflix documentary? Well now is your time to shine! Take advantage of the event-free portions of your day by catching up on the latest TV Entertainment.

Whether you plan to catch up on some basic cable programs, add-on channels like HBO or Starz, or flex your internet speed with some movie and tv show streaming – the time has arrived to do so without guilt! The latest column on, Primer on TV Entertainment and Streaming, gives you an inside look into home entertainment and the good, the bad and the ugly in streaming.

Many streaming services are currently offering some extras during this Covid-19 quarantine. Disney+ just decided to release Frozen 2, three months early! HBO’s Westworld kicked off their newest season Sunday Mar 15. Business Insider has also released a list of the Top 9 TV Shows Streaming This Week.
Take advantage of this social distancing with a blanket and some snacks on the couch!

Reconnect with Your Inner Couch Potato While Practicing Safe Social Distancing
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