Ladies and gentlemen… YOUR Quad City Storm!!!Quad City Storm Announce Opening Night Roster!
The local hockey team has announced its opening night roster.The Quad City Storm has finalized the final roster that will take the ice for game number one in Peoria and it includes:

#4 Junior Harris                               Def.                      (returner [8gms])

#9 Shane Bennett                           Fwd.                     (returner)

#10 Joshua Victor                           Def.                      (rookie)

#11 Dean Yakura                             Fwd.                     (returner)

#12 Kristaps Nimanis                      Def.                      (returner)

#17 Stephen Gaul                           Fwd.                     (returner)

#19 Taylor Pryce                             Fwd.                     (last team-Fayetteville Marksmen)

#21 Dalton Mills                              Fwd.                     (returner)

#22 Tommy Tsicos                          Fwd.                     (returner)

#25 Vincent Beaudry                      Fwd.                     (returner)

#27 Dakota Klecha                          Fwd.                     (last team-Macon Mayhem)

#31 Cody Porter                              Goal.                    (last team-Knoxville Ice Bears)

#35 Peter Di Salvo                          Goal.                    (returner)

#44 John Schiavo                            Fwd.                     (last team-Huntsville Havoc)

#52 Cody Walsh                              Def.                      (returner)

#61 Sean Kacerosky                        Def.                      (returner)

#79 Mathias Ahman                       Def.                      (rookie)

#90 Michael Casale                        Fwd.                     (returner)

#93 Paul Fregeau                            F/D                        (returner)

Quad City Storm Announce Opening Night Roster!
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Quad City Storm Announce Opening Night Roster!

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