BREAKING: All Iowans May Be Eligible For Covid Vaccine In April

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds at a recent press conference.

BREAKING NEWS: All Iowans could be eligible to get the covid-19 vaccine as early as April 5, if all goes according to plan, Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds said in a virtual press conference this afternoon.

Reynolds said she talked to President Biden’s covid transition team on Tuesday, at which point they said vaccine production was going to be ramping up in the coming weeks, allowing states to be able to begin scheduling potential times for vaccines.

Reynolds also addressed computer problems the state had been having with its covid data base and said they had been fixed, and should not impact people’s ability to gain information regarding vaccination times.

For more information on Iowa vaccines and covid rates, see the Iowa Department of Health website here.

For more information on covid-19 and how it impacts our community, continue to watch your free, fact-based local media,


BREAKING: All Iowans May Be Eligible For Covid Vaccine In April
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