THE BALLROOM THIEVES hit The Raccoon Motel stage Wednesday, October 12 at 7pm!

The Ballroom Thieves haven’t had it easy. After a rather serious car accident, the chaos of the pandemic, and the departure of a band member, taking them from tip to sup, The Ballroom Thieves been learning to roll with the punches.

The Ballroom Thieves  

The Ballroom Thieves – Martin Earley and Calin Peters

Together, they have learned to navigate complicated situations, including their struggles with depression, which often color their songs. If they can impart anything to listeners, it’s that talking about mental health is not a weakness—and that sharing any of life’s trials can be a source of strength.

You won’t want to miss The Ballroom Thieves and their passionate performance in Davenport on October 12!

Get your tickets here: BALLROOM THIEVES

Ballroom Thieves Roll Into Davenport's Raccoon Motel TONIGHT
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Ballroom Thieves Roll Into Davenport's Raccoon Motel TONIGHT

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