Sevendust, with special guests Austin Meade, Kirra, and Alborn, will perform at The Rust Belt, 533 12th Ave. East Moline, Tuesday, June 29!
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Atlanta-based quintet Sevendust are one of the most prominent nu-metal acts, rising above their contemporaries with an aggressive blend of bottom-heavy riffs and soulful, accessible melodies delivered by vocalist Lajon Witherspoon. Over the years, the band balanced the raw energy and brutality of early albums like 1997’s Sevendust and 1999’s Home with increasingly atmospheric production and even late-era acoustic sets on releases like Time Travelers & Bonfires (2014) and Kill the Flaw (2015), home to the Grammy-nominated single “Thank You.”
Sevendust, With Austin Meade, Kirra, And Alborn, Coming To Rock The Rust BeltAs for Austin Meade, thanks to his metal- and classic-rock loving dad, Meade got to see bands like Judas Priest and worshipped Whitesnake. In junior high he related to the intense emo-rock of Paramore and Fall Out Boy, and the power of songwriters like John Mayer. Yet, thanks to plainspoken but deep heartland songwriters like Tom Petty, and cutting his teeth touring in the Texas and Oklahoma Red Dirt scene, Meade’s music overflows with wide-open soulfulness. He was a drummer for years, even teaching to pay the bills, but Meade found his true voice when he began playing guitar as a teen in his pastor-father’s church. Those experiences lend both a gravitas and rebelliousness to Meade’s songs and self.
Now the frontman of his own band slinging guitar licks with expert precision, his music rolled out with two releases in 2014, his first EP “Long Ways To Go” followed by his first full-length album “Chief Of The Sinners.” His next EP “Heartbreak Coming” came in 2016 with a couple of singles to announce his commencement on the Texas Music Chart, followed by his second full-length album “Waves” in 2019. Inspired by the rock music that molded Meade’s adolescence comes his current singles that include ‘Happier Alone,’ ‘Cave In,’ ‘Dopamine Drop’ and ‘Deja Vu’ from the newly released record “Black Sheep.”
While Oklahoma City may be mostly known for its cowboy culture and surrounding oil wells, it is fast gaining notoriety for being home to KIRRA, the city’s most promising hard rock music export since Hinder. Since their journey began, they’ve endured one hell of a rollercoaster ride having toured with their idols and suffering the untimely loss of their lead vocalist just days before a national tour. Despite the ups and downs, these talented musicians kept their eyes focused on the goals at hand and managed to keep up the momentum, while never losing the spark for their love of music and being in a touring band.
COVID-19 Safety Precautions will be in place for the event. While there is no guarantee of an illness-free event, it is indisputable that planning, training, and implementing reasonable health and safety measures are the best ways to protect this live event and the people who create it.
We will follow any city, county or state guidelines or laws that pertain to COVID-19 response. In addition to any local requirements we will implement and enforce various practices ourselves.
Sevendust, With Austin Meade, Kirra, And Alborn, Coming To Rock The Rust Belt
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Sevendust, With Austin Meade, Kirra, And Alborn, Coming To Rock The Rust Belt

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