Moline, ILLINOIS – WQPT, Quad Cities PBS is focusing on educational outreach using the PBS documentary The Gene: An Intimate History for a special Teacher Training session on Thursday, December 3 at 6:30 p.m.

Dr. Nadine Vincenten, a Research Fellow for the Personal Genetics Education Project working with the Harvard Medical School’s Department of Genetics pgEd (Personal Genetics Education Project), will be facilitating the training event.  The Department of Genetics consists of a team of scientists, social scientists, educators, and community organizers, who talk about genetics in every way that it touches our lives – from health to the workplace, and from the environment to the criminal justice system.

The training is 1 hour long and will offer materials offered through PBS LearningMedia and an overview of ethical questions that the documentary raises.

This training session will be hosted on Zoom and is provided by a grant from WETA (THE GENE Round II), targeted toward teachers.

The evening’s schedule begins at 6:30 p.m. and concludes at approximately 7:32 p.m. To register visit

WQPT is a public media service of Western Illinois University.


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