Marvin Franzen, the genial chap in the farmer’s hat and overalls who has charmed visitors to Codfish Hollow Barnstormers while trolleying them from the parking lot to the barn on his tractor, is recovering after being involved in an accident at the barn Saturday night.Fans Flock To Help Codfish Hollow Icon Marv After Accident

The crashing of his vehicle caused Franzen to suffer two broken arms and a broken pelvis. He’s currently recovering in the hospital and is expected to be out of action for up to two months. A Go Fund Me page has been set up to help with expenses, and an outpouring of well-wishers has flocked to social media to wish the charming and congenial Marv a speedy recovery.

According to the Codfish Hollow Facebook page:

” On Saturday evening, in the middle of The Artisanals set, Marvin was involved in a tractor accident. As you know, he is the bib-wearing smile tucked under a feed store cap, ushering concert-goers up and down Codfish Hollow Road. Marv drives the stretch from the parking pasture to the venue all night long at each and every show. His contribution to the Hollow is larger than life and he is an integral part of our family, both to the Costellos/Biehls on a personal level and to our extended Codfish Family – bands, volunteers and patrons.

This accident was eerily similar to the drill held just one week prior, with the tractor going over the embankment, causing significant injury to Marvin. While it provided valuable insight for our county’s Emergency Services personnel, nothing could have prepared us for this.

Among Marv’s injuries, he has broken both arms and has suffered a broken pelvis. He is going to be SO PISSED when he hears that they are expecting an extensive stay at UIHC but we are sure he’ll keep the nurses and staff on their toes, regaling them with stories and tall tales! (We cannot stress enough how mad he’s going to be when he hears their estimated stay… Mercy.) Marv is stable and has already had one surgery however he is expected to have several more. It is going to take some time to put our Marvin back together again.

Fans Flock To Help Codfish Hollow Icon Marv After AccidentAll jokes aside – we are worried sick and absolutely heartbroken that this has happened. Our feels nearly paralyzed us but we know you care and the family has given us permission to share information. Know that we have been in touch with the family daily and they know you are all sending your prayers and well-wishes. Please keep them coming. Tiff was able to speak directly with Marv earlier today and will keep us updated as she is able.

We will be planning a larger event down the road to show our support for Marv and his family but in the meantime, we have established a GoFundMe (link below) for his medical expenses and tractor repair. If you would like to send cards or limericks to help him pass the time, please send them on to:
Marvin C/O Tiffany Biehl
3437 288th Avenue
Maquoketa, IA 52060

We hope you know how much you all mean to this volunteer-driven community. Without you, we wouldn’t do what we do. No matter the amount, or if all you can offer are good vibes, we appreciate it all. We love you. And we all love Marv. Let’s show him the love. xo…


Fans Flock To Help Codfish Hollow Icon Marv After Accident
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