BREAKING NEWS: As the covid delta variant rages across the state, in alignment with CDC guidelines and other school districts around the country, Eastern Iowa schools — including those in the Quad-Cities Davenport and Bettendorf districts — are “strongly encouraging” mask use and putting in place other covid precautions.

The Davenport District released its revised the plan for the 2021-2022 school year to align with updated guidance from local and state public BREAKING: Eastern Iowa Schools Defy Reynolds, 'Strongly Encouraging' Mask Use, Will Rules Change?health officials. Face coverings are strongly encouraged. Read the Return to Learn plan, here:
Linn County Iowa, which includes Cedar Rapids, has required masks inside of all facilities, in defiance of  Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds signing a bill  banning any mask mandates for schools in May.
“The information we’ve received about the Delta variant, its transmissibility, its lethality, and rate of increase in our community has prompted the Board of Supervisors to take this action,” Linn County Supervisor Stacey Walker said. “We’re not doing this for political reasons, we are doing this because we believe it will keep people safe.”
BREAKING: Eastern Iowa Schools Defy Reynolds, 'Strongly Encouraging' Mask Use, Will Rules Change?

Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds at a recent press conference. Reynolds banned schools from requiring masks in a bill in May.

In addition, Iowa City Community School District board is strongly encouraging masks in schools, and requiring masks on school buses and in district vehicles while going to and from school or an extracurricular activity.

“We really need to do everything we can to encourage elementary students, especially to wear a mask when they’re in their classroom,” Iowa City School Board Member Charlie Eastham said during the board meeting.
“Part of our challenge right now is what guidance, could we point to that we would follow? IDPH doesn’t recommend quarantining at all,” Iowa City Superintendent Matt Degner said during the board meeting. “We really wouldn’t be able to follow the CDC guidance because it is contingent upon mask-wearing and that is something we know we don’t have as a tool.”
Most Iowa schools begin classes next week, and more announcements are expected before that occurs. Stay tuned to for free, fact-based information about this ongoing issue.

BREAKING: Eastern Iowa Schools Defy Reynolds, 'Strongly Encouraging' Mask Use, Will Rules Change?
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