The Quad Cities Icons Series is a collection of paintings by local artist Jon Burns celebrating people of fame and notable achievement who were raised in, grew up around or spent significant time in the Quad-Cities. A showing of the various artworks will take place at Rock Island’s DeSoto Gallery through August.

Lisa De Leeuw was an adult film star from Moline, IL. She starred in over 200 films in the 1980s during a time known as the golden age of porn. She allegedly died in 1993 due to complications of AIDS, but there is still some confusion surrounding her death. At the time the disease was still heavily stigmatized especially in the adult film industry and the use of stage names made it difficult to keep track of true identities. Despite the reports of her death others had claimed as late as 2000 that she was alive, retired, and doing well.

Jon Burns is a musician, band leader of the local group Centaur Noir, and a notable Quad-Cities artist whose work has been displayed at numerous galleries in the area. His Q-C Icons series celebrates various people of note who were born, raised or have ties to the Quad-Cities. The series is on display at Rock Island's DeSoto Gallery through the end of August.