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It’s Bag Sale Time at Abernathy’s TODAY!

It’s BAG SALE time!

Abernathy’s is hosting their Spring Bag Sale on Saturday, April 6th.
If you have not made it out to a Abernathy’s Bag Sale, here the dealio-

-Dress weather appropriate, this is an outdoor event located on the side of Abernathy’s across from 392 (the coffee shop).
-Show up early! Bag sale starts promptly at 10 AM – NO PRE SHOPPING
-They supply the bag (almost trash bag size!)
-You fill the bag with as many goodies as you can fit
-You pay $30 for the bag after you’ve shopped
-Leave the bag with them outside and enjoy the store wide discount inside!
-No limit on bags purchased!

The sale includes:
Vintage as-is items
Vintage women’s clothing
Vintage men’s clothing
Vintage kid’s clothing
Vintage hats, shoes, books, jewelry
Modern used items

We will be restocking the racks with fresh finds as the empty out, so there will be new items out all day!

Learn more: SALE!

It’s Bag Sale Time at Abernathy’s TODAY!

It’s Bag Sale Time at Abernathy’s TODAY!

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