Marv is on the healing path, but he’s not out of the woods yet, and still needs your help to get back on the tractor again.

The amiable Marvin Franzen, the upbeat and genial driver of the tractor shuttling music fans from parking lot to venue at Codfish Hollow Barnstormers, was severely injured in an accident on the property Saturday night, breaking two arms and his pelvis.Good News On Codfish’s Marv, GoFundMe Up To Help

Codfish Hollow updated his condition with a post late last night:

“We’re SO FREAKING excited to interrupt your evening with a Marv-Update! A Marv-date, if you will…

Today was a big day for our man, Marvin! Scheduled for an 8-hour surgery, it was a short day this time of year by farmer standards. But not such a short day for his loved ones who are acutely aware of the discomfort of hospital waiting room furniture. Marv’s medical personnel did an amazing job, addressing the 3 breaks in his pelvis and his broken right arm. They cleaned out and bandaged his left arm with a plan for additional surgery on that arm this Friday.

This is great news and we are so happy to share this with our Codfish family! Tiff and Shawn are in Iowa City with the rest of Marv’s family. They all want to express their unending gratitude for the generosity shown with the GoFundMe drive. We cannot believe how everyone has stepped up and helped show Marv, Barb and crew that you all have their backs. We have no idea what their expenses will look like and we don’t want that to be a worry for any of them. Please continue to share the GFM link and Marv’s story far and wide! We have a few news stations and papers running stories soon so watch for those, as well.

Good News On Codfish’s Marv, GoFundMe Up To HelpAgain – words don’t express just how much we appreciate the way you all stepped up for Marv! We know our family is so special but you have exceeded our expectations. Thank you, thank you. We <3 you so much! <3 <3 <3”

According to an earlier post, a GoFundMe and charity concert are up and in the works.

“We will be planning a larger event down the road to show our support for Marv and his family but in the meantime, we have established a GoFundMe (link below) for his medical expenses and tractor repair. If you would like to send cards or limericks to help him pass the time, please send them on to:

Marvin C/O Tiffany Biehl

3437 288th Avenue

Maquoketa, IA 52060

We hope you know how much you all mean to this volunteer-driven community. Without you, we wouldn’t do what we do. No matter the amount, or if all you can offer are good vibes, we appreciate it all. We love you. And we all love Marv. Let’s show him the love. xo…


For more information, continue to keep an eye on


Good News On Codfish’s Marv, GoFundMe Up To Help
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