Davenport Junior Theater is offering a number of winter classes for creatively-minded kids, starting Nov. 30!

Here’s a rundown of some of the offerings:

Musical Theatre
Ages 10+
Got dreams of being on the big (or small) screen? Whether acting in TV, film, or commercials, on camera acting takes a whole new set of skills and focus. Students will learn tips, tricks, and how to translate their theatre skills to create truthful, dynamic on-screen performances. Action!
Beginning Ballet
Ages 3-4 / 5-6
This fun class will help dancers learn ballet fundamentals and concepts such as turnout and spatial awareness. Class will include floor stretching, ballet positions and movements across the floor. Dancers work on developing musicality and ballet vocabulary. More info here.
Ages 10+
The energy of theatre begins with the playwright…could that be you? This class introduces the craft of writing for the theater. Students will learn the fundamentals of storytelling, dialogue, reading and adaptation of existing works. More Info Here.
ZOOM-ba Kids
Ages 3-6
This dance aerobics class is great for kiddos who love to move and groove! Students will follow the instructor in fun movement combinations set to upbeat music. A great way to stay active while having fun!More Info Here.
Ages 5-6 / 7-9 / 10-12
Explore storytelling and creative expression in our introductory theatre and acting class! Class focuses on games and exercises geared toward students developing the ability to collaborate and think imaginatively, while working on the foundation of theatre, great storytelling! More Info Here.
Ages 5-6 / 7+
This fun and high energy class will introduce dancers to proper jazz and cheer technique. Dancers will learn basic arm positions that when used in combination together create sharp visual effects in routines. Dances will also learn stretches to improve flexibility, basic turns and jumps, and short combinations.More Info Here.
Ages 8-10 / 11+
Have you ever used a puppet to tell a story? In Puppetry, students explore the creative, and fun, world of stage puppetry! Puppetry builds strong motor and coordination skills, while developing the bonds of teamwork with fellow puppeteers. Watch out, Kermit!More Info Here.
Ages 7+
Similar to Poms, this class works on strong arm positions, stretching, and more. This course will focus more on learning cheer routines, jumps, and much more! More Info Here.

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