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Top Five Healthy Restaurants in the QC

Top Five Healthy Restaurants in the QCAs we begin this new year, many of us make resolutions to make healthier choices, and this includes eating better. There are few things in this life that we have control over, the food that we use to fuel and energize ourselves is one of those things. We all know this and, yet, this country as a whole still consistently overeats and eats things that are not good for our bodies. I’ve been working very hard to change this for myself, at home, and am now choosing to frequent establishments that support me in this goal.

Below are my top 5 favorite places to eat a healthy meal in the Quad Cities. Though I must a give a disclaimer here: not every business is open during regular operating hours as this trend is still catching on. However I truly believe that as recent past has proven, healthier options will continue to come to the area.

Soi 2 Thai in downtown Rock Island, Illinois. Thai food is really what changed my way of thinking about food. Thinking how food should fulfill and sustain but not overfill and hurt; thinking that each ingredient should do you good, not harm. Thai cuisine is filled with fruits, veggies, good animal proteins, and brown rice. Lemongrass Café in downtown Moline is also a favorite of mine.

Café d’Marie in Davenport is overall one of my favorite restaurants in the Quad Cities. From the setting to the service to the food, it is all fantastic. But what I love about this place in regards to healthy eating is the recognition of portion control. As Americans, we hearty portions that are not heart-healthy. Café d’Marie has the best side salad you will ever have, served with their homemade blueberry vinaigrette dressing and one of my favorite cups of coffee too.

Top Five Healthy Restaurants in the QCThe Simple Superfood Café in Davenport is a health food mecca. Everything served is raw, organic, gluten-free, allergy friendly, and chock full of so many great things for your body and emotional well-being. It is a bit overwhelming when you first visit, but their staff is so very nice and educated in the what they serve. The business gets all of their food from 5 area farmers and will have seasonal, rotating items to reflect our area’s agricultural schedule. This will be a huge resource for our area in the ways of new produce and products never before seen in the QCA and the educational assistance to know what to consume, when, and why.

Fresh Deli by Nostalgia Farms/QC Food Hub in Davenport. Now, I put these two businesses together for two reasons; one, they’re in the same building, and two, the QC Food Hub is mostly a storefront but hosts seasonal farm-to-table meals. These two businesses focus specifically on locally grown food and that is not only good for our community, but good for our bodies. Both places also care very much about educating patrons on what they have learned so that we can take these healthy tips back to our homes with us, really changing our eating choices, not just while we’re there, but everywhere, everyday.

Cinnamon-N-Sage does not have a permanent home, but it may sometime in the future. Currently they are at the Farmer’s Market and wherever the Food Trucks gather in Davenport. You can also pick up their heat-and-eat meals at the QC Food Hub or order online and they will deliver to you! Cinnamon-N-Sage was started to provide healthy alternatives when needing a “fast food” option.

These 5 places listed are amazing. They are all locally owned businesses that support locally sourced food that is good for your body and helping you find ways to making positive choices for yourself. Check them out!

Top Five Healthy Restaurants in the QC

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