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This edition of “The Institute For Person-Centered Care Podcast” showcases the St. Ambrose University Peace Corps Prep Program.  Host Ann Garton welcomes Kate Horberg, Program Coordinator for the Master of Public Health program at St. Ambrose University. Kate worked as a Community Health Volunteer in the United States Peace Corps, serving in Cameroon, Africa. Her direct public health practice in Cameroon focused on HIV prevention, maternal and child health, malaria, and nutrition. Kate holds a master’s degree in Education with a concentration in Language, Culture and Education and TESOL Certification from Western Illinois University

We also welcome Duk Kim, PhD, a Professor in St. Ambrose University’s Political Science Department. He teaches political science and international studies focusing on methodological approaches to examine post-conflict management roles of the United Nations and humanitarian NGOs for war-torn societies. Dr. Kim is coordinator for SAU’s Peace Corps Prep program which offers an academic partnered certificate to build the skills one needs to positively impact through volunteering. Dr. Kim serves as President of the World Affairs Council of the Quad Cities.

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St. Ambrose University is located in Davenport, Iowa, USA.

St. Ambrose University's Peace Corps Prep Program
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