1. QC Uncut: Carter Ramsey and Zach Darras (Episode #97) Sean Leary 14:18

Silvis boys Carter Ramsey, 13, and Zach Darras, 12, were messing around playing football in the backyard when they decided to try to emulate a famous one-handed catch by Odell Beckham Jr. on camera. After about 20 tries, they got it perfect, and with the help of a slo-mo effect and some background music (“Just The Two of Us”) they posted it on the popular social media platform TikTok. This was Monday afternoon. By Monday night, the video had gone viral and had started running up millions of views. By Tuesday, it had been shared by the NFL and ESPN and duetted by Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and REALLY started racking up views. In our interview, the boys talk about making the video, what it’s been like to go viral and what they’d like to see happen with it in the future!


QC Uncut: Carter Ramsey and Zach Darras (Episode #97)
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