1. Episode 82 – Mr. Mercedes Pt.2 – “Apple Fondness” Derry Public Radio - A Stephen King Podcast 1:01:27

This week Derry Public Radio continues their coverage of Mr. Mercedes. Join in as we discuss the fallout from the poison plotline, we visit Debbie’s Blue Umbrella, Hodges faces some past demons, falling in love with Janey, the introduction of Holly Gibney, the horrifying family history of the Hartsfield family, Brady attacks Hodges directly for the first time, our first team up between Jerome and Holly, and the truth of Olivia’s ghosts come to light. Our heroes are piecing together the identity of the Mercedes killer and you’re listening to Episode 82, “Apple Fondness”.


Episode 82 – Mr. Mercedes Pt.2 – “Apple Fondness”
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