Our backbone is undoubtedly the trunk of our own tree of life, and Tree of Life Chiropractic is helping to maintain that healthy foundation for our existence.

Owners Dr. Heath Treharne and Dr. Cindy Treharne have held the business at 1804 3rd Avenue, Rock Island for 12 years.

Heath Treharne was previously a teacher before deciding to take up a different set of books and attend Palmer College of Chiropractic, from which he earned his Doctor of Chiropractic degree.

“I always wanted to be a chiropractor, but my seventh grade counselor said I did not have enough scientific aptitude to become a chiropractor, and I was talked into becoming a teacher,” he said. “When I found the right time in my teaching career I made the switch started attending chiropractic school.”

While also providing standard process supplements, in offering quality chiropractic care for the entire family, Dr. Treharne specializes in a rare type of chiropractic care in the Quad-Cities. NUCCA care involves some standard chiropractic techniques, but its treatment is centered primarily on the top vertebrae in the back. NUCCA practitioners believe that if you can align the top vertebrae, then the remainder fall into alignment beyond them.

As a result, the treatments are often found to be more gentle than many chiropractic specialties, as only the top are adjusted, gently nudged into place as the patient lays prone on the chiropractic table.

Given the rare nature of their business, they’ve found a good number of patients happy with the difference and their patient care.

On their facebook page, they’ve gotten overwhelmingly five star reviews.

One patient, Kevin Leach, commented on the page, “Dr. Treharne was my very first NUCCA Chiropractor who took care of me while I was going through Chiropractic school. I owe him a debt of gratitude for opening the door for me into becoming a NUCCA Chiropractor myself. His community is truly blessed to have such an amazing person and doctor to serve them for many years to come.”

They’ve found a home in downtown Rock Island, and are happy with the decision to set down roots in our river community. Why did they choose this city out of all in the area?

“We just drove around, and loved the community it created and wanted to be a clinic for the community,” Heath said. “My wife and I loved the feeling of downtown Rock Island.”

For more information, call (309) 786-8733, or see http://www.treeoflifechiropractic.net/ or  https://www.facebook.com/qctreeoflife.

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