Dr. Tuvi Mendel: A Shoulder To Lean OnWhen it comes to treating and alleviating shoulder pain, patients are finding Dr. Tuvi Mendel a shoulder to lean on.

Dr. Mendel, of Orthopaedic Specialists in Davenport, draws upon his decades of experience treating injuries and performing rehabilitative and reconstructive procedures on the shoulder, ankle and knee. Utilizing cutting-edge technology, state-of-the-art procedures and superb care, Dr. Mendel has established an elite track record of success, improving the lives and lifestyles of his patients.

Frances Vawter of Clinton, Ia. reflects on her experience with Dr. Mendel. “It was about a year ago I was in Florida chasing my nephew and I fell and tore my rotator cuff pretty bad. I had gone to different doctors for almost six months before I went to Dr. Mendel. We discussed my options and agreed on surgery, and now I feel great. I can do everything I did before my injury. I’m very happy with Dr. Mendel and how Dr. Mendel treated me; he’s helped me get my life back and get back to doing everything I wanted to do and I highly recommend Dr. Mendel.”

Dr. Mendel’s approach to care and treatment is tailored to the individual, he said.

“It all depends on the injury, the age, the activity level, the fitness level of the individual,” Dr. Mendel said. “We try conservative management first, cortisone injections, physical therapy, and stem cell injections. The personal experiences I’ve had have resulted in great outcomes, and this is supported in the published literature as well.”

The surgical path becomes an option after less invasive means have been taken, he said. “If we try conservative management and it doesn’t get better, and the pain is causing issues on a daily basis, then we address the shoulder surgically,” Dr. Mendel said. “I typically opt for the least invasive technique possible to minimize recovery. I find that patient often report a full recovery within six months.”

If there’s a need for a joint replacement, recovery time is typically longer, but the results have been equally impressive. Every patient presents with different factors; age, history, fitness level, etc. “I discuss my plan with the patient extensively prior to surgery to ensure that they are involved in their recovery and success at the first appointment.”

One key reason that patients seek out Dr. Mendel is for his integration of cutting-edge procedures into his practice. Reverse total shoulder joint replacement, stems cell injection, and plasma injections are just a few that he offers. “Almost all of my patient that have had a reverse shoulder replacement report that they wish they had done it much sooner.”

“As for stem cell and plasma injections, both have gotten a lot of media publicity recently, and it’s one of those things I think that needs specific explanation because patients may not understand or be sure of what they are,” Dr. Mendel said. “There are two types of injections that recently have become popular. One is PRP, which stands for platelet rich plasma, and the other is stem cells, which is harvesting stem cells and injecting them into a joint. Both of them are good options and there are varying conditions you can use them for. PRP injections can be used in a joint, ligaments or tendons and some studies suggest that they might promote better healing. So, PRP definitely has a place as it relates to certain options, if we repair a tendon or a ligament or inject it into a joint it can definitely help facilitate better healing.”

Providing these various new and cutting-edge procedures, and being tireless in his pursuit of learning about and adopting these new techniques, is just a part of what makes Dr. Mendel stand out in his goal of making his patients happy and helping them achieve a higher quality of life.

“We take a lot of activities for granted, when we do stuff and it’s not painful, and then when you have someone who isn’t able to do those things, and then they come back after surgery and are so happy to be able to do those things again, you realize how important they are,” Dr. Mendel said. “They’ll say, ‘Oh, I was able to walk my dog, or work in the garden, or throw a ball, or take a walk in the mall or go shopping without having to sit down every few minutes.’ And you realize these things are so important, and while many of us may take them for granted, you really appreciate them if you’re not able to do them for a while, and are able to get those things back. If we’re able to increase the patients’ quality of life, even if it’s not necessarily 100 percent, even if it’s 50 or 60 percent, it still does make a big difference, in their ability to live a good life and be happy. A happier patient makes it very, very rewarding to do these procedures and help people.”

Ms. Vawter certainly agrees.

“I don’t have the pain I did before the surgery and I can move my arm all around, I can do all the things I used to do,” she says, with a beaming smile. “So, I’m very happy with everything. Everyone is amazed at how good I’m doing, and I’m so happy with Dr. Mendel for helping me to get my quality of life back and to just live my life and be happy.”

For more information about Dr. Mendel and his treatment and procedures, contact Orthopaedic Specialists, 3385 Dexter Ct., Suite 300, Davenport, at (563) 344-9292.