cymera_20161018_221011My name is Kimber Wolfgang. I am an avid coffee lover, barista, artist and amateur writer. Did you notice how I put coffee at the front of this list? It was deliberate, because I want you to understand that my love for coffee made all of the other titles on that list possible. True coffee lovers know exactly what I am talking about.

What could I be speaking of? We will have to jump back to the 80’s and smell where it all began.

The aroma of my father’s freshly ground Snickerdoodle coffee is already intoxicating my senses. The scent of cinnamon and vanilla dance around me. My eyes are like huge stars in the sky when my father passes a cup to me with a wink.

Two creams and two sugars made my first cup of Snickerdoodle seem like pure Nirvana. I was sold right then and there. In minutes the caffeine made magic happen, I became immediately interested in having a conversation with my father. I also noticed that every single topic he brought up seemed interesting and meaningful. We conversed about his philosophy on life, the hardships war brings upon society and the importance of educating yourself. Topics that have been gracing coffee houses since their first appearance in Constantinople at the end of the 1400’s.

Coffee stimulates creativity and the pursuit of knowledge. Street philosophers, musicians, artists and poets have been gathering together to drink this stimulating elixir for thousands of years. The “Penny Universities” of yesteryear are now your local coffee shop around the corner. Coffee is everywhere and so is knowledge.

Fast forward to today, every single person from every walk of life has a large possibility that they will enjoy coffee’s stimulating benefits at least once in their lifetime. This is a very good thing for a barista like myself. It means I will have plenty of stimulating conversations in my future and if you are a coffee lover, you will too.

I never gave up my love for coffee or coffee houses. I have been a barista at Theo’s Java Club for 10 years and have had the pleasure of meeting many talented individuals in my coffee travels. This has awarded me creative opportunities and taken me down exciting paths.

This is why I write this article today, to wake people up to coffee’s true benefit to society. There is a beautiful world of creativity and knowledge out there. We can help each other find it one cup of coffee at a time. Join me on this journey as I share with you the love of coffee and local coffeehouses and culture. . .

Kimber Annabelle Wolfgang is an accentric coffee lover, self taught artist and street philosopher. She is an advocate for freedom of self expression and inner reflection. She seeks to inspire creativity and the pursuit of knowledge wherever she goes.