Cheat Code Variety Show Debuts This WeekendIt’s ok to play the Cheat Code this weekend.

Cheat Code, the latest comedy variety show to hit the Rock Island Speakeasy, debuts at 7 p.m. (doors)/8 p.m. (show) Saturday, Feb. 25 at the Speakeasy, 1828 3rd Ave., Rock Island.

Cheat Code will consist of improv, stand up, and sketch comedy performed by a talented cast of performers from all walks of life and comedy backgrounds! This show is guaranteed to keep you entertained from start to finish with antics and laughs geared toward an 18+ crowd. Tickets are available at the door and by calling (309) 786-7733, ext. 2.

It stars Bobby Murray, Molly Wilkison, Jessica Gordon, Craig Gaul, Becky Reynolds, JB McElroy and Emily Lauren, with special guest James Draper, and is hosted by Nikki Gillette and Steve Jennings.

“It follows the same basic theme as Show Us Your Pokeballs but incorporates stand-up, improv, music, theater and other things,” said creator Nikki Gillette. “I think if you like SUYP you’re definitely going to like it.”

So what if you’ve never seen SUYP? What is it?

“It’s standup for nerds, by nerds,” said co-writer, director and host Nikki Gillette. “It is geek culture comedy. We do stuff on Anime, Pokemon, Star Wars, comic books, Dr. Who, if it’s got a fan base in geek culture, we probably cover it.”

“I’d been going to conventions for about eight years and was thinking about panels to do, things that hadn’t been done before, and I thought, ‘what about a nerd-themed stand-up show?’” she said. “I found out someone else had done it before, but I thought, how can we take that idea and make it bigger and better, and so Show Us Your Pokeballs was born.”

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Cheat Code Variety Show Debuts This Weekend
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Cheat Code Variety Show Debuts This Weekend

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