QuadCities.com - The ReturnThe Return are living up to their name, at least in the case of Circa ’21.

The Beatles tribute act are RETURN-ing to the Rock Island dinner theater for a show Thursday, June 16. Doors are at 6, show is at 7.

Tickets are $27.50 in advance and $35.00 at the door. It’s a show only gig, but the theatre will offer snacks and sandwich baskets for purchase as well as a full bar. Tickets may be reserved at the Circa ’21 ticket office located at 1828 3rd Avenue in Rock Island or by calling (309) 786-7733, ext. 2.

The Return began its series of returns in 1995 when four young friends got together to play their favorite Beatles songs just for the fun of it. That led to a series of gigs under the appealing name The Roaches. But as they cleaned up their act, they put the Raid to that name and thus The Return was born.

The band recreates the early ‘60s Beatles concert experience from the tiniest detail (John Lennon’s on-stage gum-chewing) to the biggest, most expensive details (using exact replicas of the instruments and gear the Beatles used). While they were learning to comb their moptops just right and finding the right Beatle boots and black suits to wear, they were also learning each song note for note, rhythm for rhythm—getting the signature moves and ‘looks’ of the Fab Four down pat, too. They practiced relentlessly–with a growing passion for getting their show just right.

They’ve played thousands of shows at theatres, festivals, casinos, cruise ships, colleges and universities as well as countless corporate events for companies like Coca Cola, ABC, Hard Rock Cafe, and Volkswagen International.
For more info on The Return, see http://www.thereturnonline.com/meet-the-return.html.

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