baconfest picWant to see a magic word?


With that one succulent collection of letters, your mood has moved to lift, your taste buds have started to tingle, your mouth has begun to water as your mind is entranced with the smoky, scintillating scent of it, the irresistibly delicious taste of it.

And all with one word.

On Friday, mesmerized by that dazzling gastronomic delicacy, hundreds of people are expected to appear out of nowhere to indulge in that porcine perfection during the second annual Baconfest from 5 to 10 p.m. Friday in the Monmouth city square. It offers more bands, more beer and more bacon!
You don’t have to look too far to have a sizzling good time at the festival, as the Baconfest isn’t just blowing smoke, but are pulling the proverbial fat from the fire when it comes to bringing home the bacon and slicing up thick slabs of entertainment.

Awesome food vendors will be serving unique bacon dishes, a Best Bacon-dish contest and Audience choice Awards and a bacon-eating competition will be taking place, beers from G&M products and Monmouth’s own DeNovo Brewery will be served, kids’ activities including a bouncy house will be on hand, celebrity emcees Red Hot Brian Scott and Tony Tone will guide the activities and music from Jordan Danielson (5-6 p.m.), Brian Keith Wallen (6-8), and Shantytown (8-10) will be featured.

And you can get your chance to try them out by bringing your bacon to Monmouth and going whole hog at the fest.
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