1. World AIDS Day 2022 29:24

Host Ann Garton welcomes three special guests for World AIDS Day offering a global perspective:  Annamore Mutisi, MD, MPH, from Zimbabwe; Tsitsi Monera-Penduka, PhD, AAHIVP, from the United Kingdom; and Jessica Posner, MPH, from the Eastern United States.

Annamore Mutisi, MD, MPH:

Annamore Mutisi is a medical doctor and public health specialist who was born and based in Zimbabwe. She has 11 years of working experience in both the public health and private sectors.  Her experience is vast, as she has a strong clinical background working in government hospitals managing patients with various conditions and a growing public health portfolio working on various HIV care and treatment projects.  Currently, she is working as a Technical Advisor on a PEPFAR-funded, CDC-supported HIV Prevention, Care, and Treatment Project being implemented by the Zimbabwe Association of Church-related Hospitals (ZACH), a Zimbabwean NGO that works with church-related hospitals and Clinics in Zimbabwe. 

Tsitsi Monera-Penduka, PhD, AAHIVP:

Tsitsi Monera-Penduka is a Clinical Pharmacologist from Zimbabwe who recently relocated to the United Kingdom.  She has worked mainly in academia, conducting research, and training healthcare professional students in HIV.  Dr Monera-Penduka established the Research Unit For Safety Of Herbs And Drugs (RUSHeD), which focuses on developing clinical evidence for the safe integration of herbal and conventional medicine in HIV care settings.  She has been involved in the implementation of several inter-professional education and
training initiatives that promote patient-centred care, including the Strengthening Inter-professional Education for HIV (STRIPE HIV), Collaborative Inter-professional Partnership CHIP) and the Global Educational exchange in Medicine (GEMx) initiatives.

Jessica Posner, MPH:

Jessica Posner is the Strategic Information Lead with John Snow Inc.’s Center for HIV and Infectious Disease, who has twenty years of experience in a range of global health technical areas.  She currently leads JS Inc.’s Person-Centered Care Portfolio.  Jessica has an MPH in international public health from Tulane University School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and is fluent in Spanish and French.

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World AIDS Day 2022
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