1. Episode 16: Life is a Circus, Charlie Brown

In episode 16, we ride the rails in the 2/10/89 edu-tainment THIS IS AMERICA CHARLIE BROWN: BUILDING THE TRANSCONTINENTAL RAILROAD. Want to know the saga of one of American history’s biggest construction projects, a story about literally uniting a post-Civil war country? Then hop aboard!

As the train pulls away from the station, we jump on to run away with Snoopy as he joins the circus in the 10/24/80 LIFE IS A CIRCUS, CHARLIE BROWN. Forbidden passion! The lure of fame! Popcorn wantonly mingling with cotton candy! It’s all here!

This month’s “Peanuts by Schulz” short is “Going My Way”.

AND our new feature, “Random Strip of the Month” continues!

Check out the St. Louis Cardinals Charlie Brown Bobblehead here.

That article about the history of Lucy pulling away the football.

What to know how to draw Charlie Brown? These guys will show you! Then send us your results!

My thanks to Kevin McLeod at Incompetech.com for creative commons use of his songs “Mining by Moonlight” and “Bass Walker”.

Thanks also to Henry Pope for use of his “Linus and Lucy” remix. Find more of his stuff on Soundcloud here.

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William Pepper is a local playwright (New Ground Theatre, Augustana Playwrights Festival), very occasional actor (Playcrafters), blogger (http://www.williamallenpepper.wordpress.com/), author (In the St. Nick of Time) and now, he's a podcaster too.