1. Devin's Drive Home: Nov 10th 2015: Condor & Jaybird! Special Time

Almost a year ago I sat down for an interview with the incredibly generous and wildly talented gentlemen of Quad Cities’ wunderkind pysch-rock group CONDOR & JAYBIRD. Now the time has come for the release of the very album we speak of in this podcast! What has changed? What’s stayed the same? We’ll find out! Right now!


Devin Alexander has been a fixture of the Quad Cities music scene since 1998, when he took up bass guitar at the behest of multiple guitarist friends as a freshman in high school. Since then he’s played on albums by surf-spy-loungers The Metrolites and recorded and released albums by alt-rockers Braille Illustrated and bass-and-drums rock duo The Post Mortems, both through Gentle Edward Records, his record label and Quad Cities-area music collective.