1. Episode 86 – Thinner Pt. 3 – “The Top of the Tummy” Derry Public Radio - A Stephen King Podcast 57:20

This week Derry Public Radio continues their 2021 Patreon Selection Series with the movie, “Thinner” chosen by Kevin Sundstrom. Join in as we discuss the softening of Billy in the beginning, the funniest blowjob in film history, the great practical effects, how the book is almost mandatory for enjoyment, the terrific ball-bearing through the hand shot, gas station gigolos, the disgusting pie scene, the wildly disturbing ending gets even more disturbing and Ben knocks out the perfect pitch for a remake! Get your slice of breakfast pie and listen to Episode 86, “The Top of the Tummy”.


Episode 86 – Thinner Pt. 3 – “The Top of the Tummy”
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