1. Episode 84 – Thinner Pt.1 – “Bachman Invented Road Handies” Derry Public Radio - A Stephen King Podcast 1:03:45

This week Derry Public Radio kicks off the first book of their 2021 Patreon Selection Series, “Thinner” chosen by Kevin Sundstrom. Join in as we discuss how the approach to reading a Bachman book is different than a King book, the term “Gypsy”, the accident that causes the curse, how the “body horror” in this book is unnerving in a unique way, Billy’s inability to accept any blame, the reveal that several curses have been placed, and Billy takes to the road in search for the only man who can save him. Keep your eyes on the road but keep your ears on Episode 84, “Bachman Invented Road Handies”.


Episode 84 – Thinner Pt.1 – “Bachman Invented Road Handies”
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