1. Episode 81 – Mr. Mercedes Pt.1 – “Everything is Gross” Derry Public Radio - A Stephen King Podcast 57:14

This week Derry Public Radio begins their coverage of Mr. Mercedes. Join in as we discuss Josh’s power trip at being the only one of the three whose read it, the insanely intense opening chapter, the ways Bill Hodges is a flawed hero, tramp stamps, getting inside the head of Brady Hartsfield, the treatment of Olivia Trelawny, Bill’s skill as a detective, if Jerome’s alter ego is more problematic or honest, the abusive relationship between Brady and his mom, and the search for the Mercedes Killer comes down to sending a simple message. Join us on Under Debbie’s Blue Umbrella for Episode 81, “Everything is Gross”.


Episode 81 – Mr. Mercedes Pt.1 – “Everything is Gross”
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