1. Episode 80 – Dolan’s Cadillac Pt.1 – “The Plan is Do Nothing” Derry Public Radio - A Stephen King Podcast 57:49

This week Derry Public Radio wraps up their Patreon Selection Series with Kiah Benedict’s choice, “Dolan’s Cadillac”. Join in as we discuss the eerie the dedication to revenge, CM reveals what she’d do if Ben and Josh were murdered, the parallels between Robinson and Andy Dufresne, the great ideas for gathering information secretly, Dolan managing to be terrifying even at a disadvantage, the wonderful Edgar Allen Poe references, Christian Slater giving it everything he’s got, and the few saving graces in an otherwise bad movies. We have a plan and it’s Episode 80, “The Plan is Do Nothing”.


Episode 80 – Dolan’s Cadillac Pt.1 – “The Plan is Do Nothing”
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