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May 26th, 2024 Mature Content

Episode 158 – The Drawing of the Three Pt. 3 – “King Would Have Told Us!”

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  1. Episode 158 – The Drawing of the Three Pt. 3 - “King Would Have Told Us!” Derry Public Radio - A Stephen King Podcast 1:14:09

This week DPR continues their Patreon Selection Series with Phil Thesen’s pick, “The Drawing of the Three”. This week we’re covering through the rest of the book. Join us as we discuss the huge reveal at the top of this chapter, Josh’s memory, isekai anime, Jack Mort’s history of carnage, going “Big Juicy”, Detta’s master plan, the birth of Susannah, and the themes of duality and love. Time to crack open your Mortcypedia for Episode 158, “King Would Have Told Us!”

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