TPC Cash and Carry began with a simple idea – to be a bulk grocery store — since then, it’s grown from that conceptually humble beginning into a haven for everyone from restaurant owners to party planners to the average Joe or Jill looking for a one-stop shopping spot for their party.

“We know it can be a hassle sometimes, and a lot of work, to plan a party, people come in stressed out sometimes, and we want to make it easier on them,” said Roger Youngblut, general manager of the spot at  2160 E. 53rd St., Davenport.  “We’re very customer focused, we help everyone as much as we can, that’s what differentiates us from the competition.”

TPC offers everything from massive arrays of food to other amenities and supplies, stacked high in their airy, well-lit and organized location.

“We can help people out with all kinds of events, parties, all the special moments in their lives, we make them easier to put together,” Youngblut said. “It’s easy to get in and out of our store, there are no long lines or waits.

“We’re just happy to help, and happy to be recognized for our service,” Youngblut said. “That shows we’re doing a good job.”

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