Heather Brummel, director of marketing for the Adler, displays the current marquee of the Adler Theater, which is undergoing renovation in 2019.

The Adler Theater is always poised between being a part of history and adding to it.

A venerable Quad-Cities landmark and gorgeous architectural gem, the Adler has added to its luster by hosting a wide variety of entertainers over its nearly 85 years as a performing arts venue, first as the RKO Orpheum when it was built in 1931, at 136 E. 3rd St., and as the Adler since 1986.

“We’re here to make memorable experiences for people,” said Heather Brummel, director of marketing.

Heather Brummel, director of marketing for the Adler, shows off the display of the theater’s Broadway season for 2019.

In terms of the future, the building is undergoing a nearly $500,000 renovation including an overhaul of its signature marquee to “make it even more of a jewel in the crown of the downtown Davenport arts scene,” Brummel said. “We see the Adler as an anchor for the arts district and we want people to take pride in it as a visual landmark.”

And as a performing venue, as the theater has a vibrant Broadway theater season, ballet and various other concerts and arts gigs on tap (for more information and a schedule, see www.adlertheater.com), she added.

“We’re very proud of our heritage, and very excited for the future,” Brummel said.

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