Onward on our journey through the Java world.

Although their name is Dunn Brothers They’ve only just begun.

Gina and Paula Bertini.

The owners of Dunn Brothers Coffee. Gina tells me they open the Bettendorf shop in

February 2011 and the Davenport May of 2016 .

They are franchise out of Minnesota. Two brothers Ed and Dan Dunn started with their first coffee shop in St Paul Minnesota.

They began franchising out in 1987.  (now get this eat your hearts out Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts) currently there are approximately 60 shops!

Well I am impressed!

Good for you guys!

These are in the Midwest region, North and South Dakota

Wisconsin, Minnesota ,Iowa

Montana ,Texas  Tennessee.

yeehaw!! warms my heart.

“We are special and unique in that

we roast our coffee in our shop every morning”

Gina tells me “we sell the freshest coffee as we have five day guarantee our customers know we will not sell any coffee that’s more than 5 days old, we currently roast for both stores in Iowa”.

Their hours of operation are :

Monday through Thursday 5:30 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Friday 5:30 to 10 and

Sunday 6 to 9.

Dunn Brothers offers fresh baked muffins cinnamon rolls ,croissants Etc

As well as made to order breakfast sandwiches,( not those Frozen whatcha-ma-call-it other places may have).. what I didn’t name any place!

Egg souffles ….ooh la la Fancy !

with bacon, turkey on whole wheat English muffins, biscuits

or burrito wraps

The granola parfait is very popular item.

They offer gluten-free sandwiches muffins energy protein bars, that they make themselves in the store I like that dedication.

Gina tells me” our most popular drink in the summer is vanilla iced Nirvana” That sounds interesting .

Just the name

Cold-press coffee with vanilla flavoring, topped with cream .

Of course you can use any flavor to make it unique .

They also have smoothies, frappes Blended iced drinks.

Many many flavors , as well as hot and cold espresso. also teas that are from Tea Source very popular.

“Our three most popular fresh teas: The unsweetened summer teas: Hibiscus, citrus green and black tea hibiscus sounds tasty !

that’s just this writer’s opinion!.

Both locations offer seating for up to 50 people ,a community room for meetings, groups and a very convenient drive-up window for those who got to go!

Gina tells me they have a wide range of customers.

Local business people

regulars they see almost everyday. Friends ,Neighbors, students who come to study and gather on the patio.

Everyone feels comfortable here as I quote her

We’ employ about 60 people, including our roasters .

The Baristas are trained on site and we have up to 6 working at any given time .

The Baristas are students, mom’s, dad’s and  retirees that enjoy being around fresh coffee the smell the texture the fun and atmosphere the people( how refreshing employ people of all ages not just fresh out of school kids.

I quote her again “we pride ourselves on knowing our customers and their drinks so it’s ready when they walk in that door “.well that’s what I call a sense of pride!

Gina goes on to say she was in Horticulture before opening the coffee shop .

I love working in my garden consisting of many hostas and other shade perennials, it’s my relaxation after a busy day at the shop.

Sounds like a good way to relax.

” I would encourage anyone to come in and try our fresh roasted coffee taste the difference between each of the coffee producing regions in the world.

The difference between Central and South American coffee

African and Indonesian coffees

Each of these regions are very unique, and it’s fun and easy to taste the difference.”

I’ve tried the African coffee very robust and hearty!!

She goes on to tell me” We also develop relationships with our coffee producers and know exactly which Farms our coffee beans come from and what kind of farming practices they use..

By paying premium prices for our coffee it  helps the small farmers make a high-quality coffee, that also helps their families as well as those of us who love a great cup of coffee.

Her Devotion to this organization and a good cup of coffee has taken Gina to Nicaragua ,Madagascar and Mexico.

She makes several coffee buying trips.

(Wow and to think I’m excited to just go to France for 2 weeks)

She says” I have seen the intense work they go through to bring all of us here in America a great cup of coffee ”

Which gives me a whole new respect for my morning cup of coffee .

These farmers families are proud to share this with us well.

I say thank you to these farmers thank you to Gina and Paula Betini and thank you  Dunn Brothers.

I believe you’ll never be done with his great great coffee.


Well this writer /reporter will give Dunn Brothers… five stars !!

Gina herself I will give 5 stars!

Not just for their great variety but for the friendly atmosphere

the hard work they put into this ,

and her willingness and desire passion to travel to these Farms to bring us this delicious coffee