The Java Journey goes back to Moline.

I hesitate to admit at first.. I couldn’t find the place very easily .

Well I would have asked directions… wait a minute isn’t that a man’s line? haha.

(But I digress )

Dead Poets Expresso LTD 1525 32nd Avenue A Moline.

“Et tu Brutus?”

Being a poetry lover myself, Sir William Shakespeare, Edgar Allan Poe being  two of my most favorite I had to include Dead Poets espresso LTD (not to be confused with Dead Poets Society that was a good movie however.)

After I had finished driving in circles yes about 3 times (stop laughing), I entered this quaint shop.

The walls were decorated with memories and portraits of the great ones :Shakespeare ,Poe Tennyson ,Browning, Thoreau, Kipling, Dickinson and so forth.

As if I were in the presence of greatness and in a way I was.

The coffee shop has been in operation going on sixteen years, the new owners took over 5 years ago .

Ran by a father and son and one other employee. The owners are also Farmers by trade , livestock to be precise. The owner tells me depending on taxes and finances they’ll be open possibly only another five years.

I hope they decide to stay longer.

They have two specialty coffees made completely by them. You can choose a flavor of coffee beans to buy,.. wow coffee shop coffee at home. None of that wannabe stuff from the grocery store.

Chai tea that they make one cup at a time very very popular.

Surrounded by taverns and restaurants can make some days  rough but they have a good crowd in the mornings and at lunch, then mostly slow midday on , as most places have their down time.

The hours of operation for Dead Poets Espresso 6:30 a.m. to 5 Monday through Friday .

Sometimes they will stay open later when there’s a show at the iWireless Center which is a block away.

In the winter a lot of people will come in have hot coffee, hot tea,work on their laptops for a while.

They enjoy the quiet of the coffee shop.

Much of their clientele are business people from the nearby businesses offices.

The owner tells me they have no plans on expanding ” the shop is great and when I retire I’m going back to farming full time” proudly spoken.

They do rent their place out for meetings, receptions. The Dead Poets Espresso LTD also has book signings. Local writers authors, amateur poets just have to call in and say for example  “I’m Sean Leary and I’d like to have a book signing at your Charming Cafe please.”

In fact Randy White is, was a local boy now lives in Florida  was in town and does book signings at Dead Poets. The owner says he loves people and the pace here it’s relaxed it’s calm no hustle and bustle and his shop. people are welcome to come in and give poetry readings he says they seem to have different groups on different days it just varies there are regulars but there’s also different groups that will come in every now and then.

He says he wanted to have a coffee shop for years since he started roasting beans he enjoyed it so much he fell in love with making espresso and that led to what we know today as Dead Poets espresso LTD and we’re thankful to him for this.

Just made fresh there daily They don’t serve alcohol which is refreshing a coffee shop focused on coffee and tea they don’t play Loud Music a very peaceful cozy place he also tells me many times people will sit have coffee and visit for hours he remembers the record was a group of people that stayed there for 6 hours straight now that’s amazing either that or the coffee is that good or the conversation was that good or both

Coffee refills at Dead Poets are wait for it wait for it……FREE

You read right free refills.

I was told you get a free refill on your tea coffee latte now that’s a first.

I’ve never seen a heard that happen at any coffee shop and McDonald’s and Hardee’s don’t count.

Sure restaurants offer a couple refills but a coffee shop? HELLO!!

Final thoughts from the owner of this delightful place it’s a good place to meet people chat it’s quiet .

it’s a peaceful place where you could actually hear each other. If you love coffee and you love poetry stop in have a coffee or a chai tea. Recite the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet ,A Rose by Any Other Name. Because Once Upon a Midnight dreary I wandered in for a cup of coffee.

This writer/ reporter gives Dead Poets Espresso LTD . . . Five stars.

Maybe in part to the charm and peacefulness of the environment, the calming smell of the teas Brewing, and just sensing the great poets of the world all around



Laurie Figley is a journalist, amateur writer, a poet, a writer of children's stories, an advocate for literacy, a local history enthusiast, an advocate for the elderly and for animal rights and more. She believes in the community being a part of the events and activities for young and old alike and thinks everyone should have a voice everyone should know about the Quad Cities, the great things that it has and the great and fascinating past it has.