Thursday - April 22, 2021
Quad Cities USA - Guide to Davenport & Bettendorf Iowa and Rock Island & Moline Illinois

Advice To A New Teenager

March 26th, 2021

It seems like only yesterday when I turned 13. I remember it distinctly, from my party with my friends to some of the gifts I most cherished (a Converse All-Stars Magic Johnson t-shirt, a Duran Duran album, and other things which would certainly date me as a child of the ’80s.) This week, my own son, Jackson, turns 13. And it’s a much, much, different world from when I entered my teen years. I didn’t have cell phones, or the internet, or anywhere near the entertainment or virtual reality options my son does now. I spent most of my time playing outside, my mom was working most... Read More

I Sure As Hell Hope Rock Island County Board Knows What It’s Doing With The Courthouse

March 25th, 2021

And so the saga sort-of, maybe, kinda, possibly, ends. Or not. We’ll see. The Rock Island County courthouse saga has gone on for a couple of years now, with the county wanting to demolish the building and repurpose the spot just off Centennial Bridge, and a growing number of citizens calling for it to be sold to local developer Joe Lemon, who has been trying to buy it for over a year. We at QuadCities.com have covered this issue extensively, and if you want to get more of the details, I encourage you to listen to my various QCUncut podcasts of a meeting about the issue, an interview... Read More

Grammy-Winning Artist’s Disgusting Song Should Definitely Be Cancelled

March 21st, 2021

This week, I took some time off from my job and household obligations to sequester myself in an ashram to fully focus my rage on a Grammy-winning song of such wanton lust, indulgence and disgusting perversity that I couldn’t even. That’s right. I couldn’t even. And they haven’t even created a drug for that yet. But I hear there are a number of Hollywood celebrities that are going to be doing a zoom cover of, no, not “Imagine,” but “You’ve Got The Touch,” to raise awareness and sympathy for those who can’t even. Anyway, I digress with that... Read More

Happy Birthday To A True Quad-Cities Creative Entrepreneur: Anthony Natarelli

March 19th, 2021

There’s a sarcastic meme going around on TikTok in which a guy brags about making a million dollars in the “stonk” market. After a show of bluster and ego, he begins going into details on how he did it. He starts by showing off his portfolio of one million, and then says, “I started when my Dad loaned me two million, and a month later, after all my investments, I’ve got a million dollars!” It’s funny, but it’s also true. And it’s often overlooked when we’re considering people that the media tells us to regard as massive successes in the... Read More

This Being Canceled Is The One Thing That United America

March 17th, 2021

We continue to live in a divided country. People on the far right and far left continue to battle each other over incredibly important and vital issues that are key to our nation’s survival. Subjects like the gender of plastic Potato Heads and whether or not Tom Hanks is a giant lizard who sucks the blood of children keep the battle lines fiery and blazing with anger and animosity between the two sides. But there’s one thing we can all agree on. One cancellation that made us all happy, regardless of our politics, religion, or whether or not we like pineapple on pizza. And that is the... Read More

Will Quad-Cities Covid-19 Cases Be Spiking In Two Weeks?

March 15th, 2021

I’m not great at predicting the stock market. I can’t say I’ve been especially adept at picking lottery numbers. But I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Iowa Quad-Cities covid numbers, and probably statewide numbers as well, are going to see a rise in 10-14 days. Over the weekend, my social media feed was flooded with pictures of people at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds, downtown Davenport, the Village of East Davenport, and really all over, enjoying the good weather and the premature St. Patrick’s Day celebrations. What did all of those pictures have in... Read More

The Pandemic Isn’t Over, Remain Vigilant Over Covid And Let’s Finally Get Through This

March 12th, 2021

There’s an old saying that you shouldn’t blame the messenger when you receive bad news. However, that saying is reliant on the messenger being a neutral party. When the messenger is merely the one bringing you the message, it’s without blame. For example, when we at QuadCities.com, give you a story featuring covid statistics, we’re passing along information we’ve gleaned from an official source. We also attribute that source, so that you know where we got that information. We have no part in creating that information. We do not make up the statistics. We do the duty of what the media... Read More

BREAKING: Quad-Cities Man In Park Enjoying Weather, Beer, Weed, According To Report

March 8th, 2021

BREAKING NEWS: A local TV news reporter whose name is being withheld for his own privacy and safety should government agencies and QAnon discover him breaking this clandestine and explosive information revealed on his Facebook today that while on assignment in the Quad-Cities, he encountered a man enjoying more than the pleasant weather today. The reporter, who we will reveal is (to the best of our knowledge) not a part of the Deep State, revealed the incendiary information that he was, in fact, “sent out to talk to people about the nice weather.” (To those not “in the know,”... Read More

Dr. Seuss’ Estate Did The Right Thing, And Created Another Lesson From The Late Author

March 5th, 2021

Think about the person you are now. You are a product of your time. Of your upbringing. Of your environment. Think about the person you were before the pandemic. Just a year ago. Different person? Think about you 10 years ago. Different person? How about 20 years ago or more, around the time of 9/11. Different person? We all evolve, we all change, according to our times, environments and circumstances. The question, as always, is how do we change and how much? Is it for good? Is it for ill? This week, the estate of Dr. Seuss Enterprises, which controls the late author’s books, decided... Read More

Rock Island Should Go Back To 3 a.m. Closing For Downtown

March 1st, 2021

Imagine it’s Super Bowl Sunday, pre-covid. You’re in your home, minding your own business, watching TV, having a couple beverages with a number of friends, having a good time. Across the street, you see lights on in your neighbors’ houses. You see cars out front. They have guests too, and all of you are enjoying a weekend night. Suddenly, the evening is split by the flashing lights and squeal of two police cars, and an ambulance in tow, roaring down your street and pulling up to your neighbor’s house. Everyone is looking out the windows to see what’s going on. You all see your neighbor... Read More