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Quad Cities USA - Guide to Davenport & Bettendorf Iowa and Rock Island & Moline Illinois

Beyond The Fluff: Uncovering The Hardcore World Of Festival Of Trees Teddy Bear Teas

November 17th, 2017

Entertainment is a tricky thing. One person’s wholesome fare is another person’s demon-possessed trash. From time to time, I’ll get emails from irate people who are disappointed that I’ve recommended some bit of entertainment they find to be offensive. One of them messaged me about it. Another called me, taking me to task for “leading children down the path of evil.”  How she knew I’d been a tour guide at Disneyland is beyond me.  But nonetheless, this lady wasn’t pleased. “You shouldn’t be telling parents to let their children go to demonic concerts…you... Read More

Do ‘Twilight’ Vampires Stay At The Traveler Motel?

November 7th, 2017

I just got a friend request from a Hotel. The Super 8 in Moline. I approved the request, as I normally do approve requests from commercial entities seeking to pad their friend count (hey, I’m a businessman too, I know the game), and also because I thought it was funny that a hotel, particularly the Super 8, sent me a friend request. However, the friend request I really want to get is from the Traveler Inn. The Traveler is a little off-the-highway craphole in Davenport that boasts closed circuit TVs on their sign. I guess at one point that was a big draw. That one point? 1955. I’ve never... Read More

Do Ghosts Fart?

August 17th, 2017
Sean Leary

The following column is excerpted from Sean Leary’s upcoming humor book, Do Vampires Poop? And Other Incredibly Important Questions, available in bookstores worldwide in September. Ever walk into your house after you’ve been away, or walk into a room and notice a strange smell? Of course, once you do, you have to try to find it, because who wants a strange smell in their house? I’ll usually look for some dropped food or something behind or under furniture, and sometimes that’s the case. Some bit of stray potable that tried to escape and sadly discovered its motion was limited to whatever... Read More

Something To Consider Before The Next ‘Walking Dead’: Can Zombies Swim?

July 10th, 2017
Sean Leary

The following column is excerpted from Sean Leary’s upcoming humor book, Do Vampires Poop? And Other Incredibly Important Questions, available in bookstores worldwide in August. Whenever I watch a zombie movie, I always imagine different ways that I could escape zombies if I ever found myself in that situation. I’m sure you can all relate. Now, to be clear, I’m talking about your standard issue, usual zombies that you see in TV and movies, the kind that move very slowly, shambling along, whose bodies are in a constant state of disrepair, and who seem very easily outrun, although of course... Read More

Keggers And Eggers: The Events That Just Don’t Make The Calendar Cut

June 28th, 2017
Sean Leary

Every week, we provide you with a huge calendar of activities that will take place in the Quad-Cities area over the coming week. Because we love you. And because it’s our job … to love you. (The preceding sentence was written in tribute to the late Luther Vandross.) However, some calendar items we receive don’t make the list. Some are out of the geographic area. Some aren’t really entertainment. And some … well, some just don’t seem to fit in, if you know what I mean. For those of you who don’t know what I mean, I thought I’d provide a few examples.... Read More

Will Bands Still Hold Daytrotter Deer Or Hoof It?

June 27th, 2017
Sean Leary

This week, the indie music world blew up with news that the band Deerhoof was aiming their horns and charging squarely at local and national music site Daytrotter. According to various sites and magazines, including Pitchfork and Spin, Deerhoof are ticked that Daytrotter released an LP of a session they did eight years ago. They claim they did not give permission for the session to be released. They also claim they weren’t paid for the LP nor did they receive royalties, and likewise, that their work for the site was placed behind a paywall for which they likewise received no royalties. Daytrotter,... Read More

Happy Birthday To You: Here Are The Real Top Songs

June 5th, 2017
Sean Leary

First off, I’d like to say today is my birthday, and because of that, I’m giving myself and all of us, really, the gift that keeps on giving, mostly because it’s posted on the internet and the internet never forgets. No, not a nude picture, but an entertainment column. (I said GIFT, not curse.) Recently, Rolling Stone magazine slapped out another issue counting down the top 500 songs of all time.  (Oddly enough, “Happy Birthday” was not among them.) Yes, yes, it was another transparent attempt to get people like me to write about it and give them more publicity, and darn it if I’m... Read More

Was A Member Of Color Me Badd Really Possessed By The Devil?

April 12th, 2017
Sean Leary

The Lord may work in mysterious ways, but the the way the devil works is obviously just plain strange.  For example, God has been known to communicate to we humans through burning bushes, the angel Gabriel and his son, Jesus Christ.  And beezlebub?  Well, apparently, he’s been sending us messages through the song “I Adore (Mi Amor).” Moline’s I Wireless Center will be home for the I Love The 90’s Tour this Saturday. The concert will begin at 7:30 p.m. and go till 10:30 p.m. and you can get tickets here for the show featuring Salt-N-Pepa with DJ Spinderella, Kid N Play,... Read More

Get Ready For A Rockin’ Race In Today’s Rock Island Mayoral Election!

April 4th, 2017

Well, you can’t say the Rock Island mayoral race has been boring. What was shaping up to be a genteel competition just a few weeks ago heated up in a huge way over the past three weeks leading up to today’s election. Not so much in the mayoral forums, which were contentious but largely civil. But in the campaign races on social media and elsewhere things got pretty heated between supporters of the candidates and there were some intriguing lines drawn between the four candidates – Andy Rowe, Stephen Tollenaer, Mike Thoms and Terry Brooks. Of course, all of the four have stepped up the competition.... Read More

And For Rock Island Mayor, We Endorse . . .

March 28th, 2017

Election day is next Tuesday, April 4, and while we at QuadCities.com are largely in favor of bringing you the best of local entertainment and features, we also recognize the interest and importance of voting and its impact. So we encourage everyone, regardless of their choice, to get out and vote for the candidates they feel will do the best in their elected positions. Over the past few months, I, personally, have been honored to converse with the four men running for Rock Island mayor. This has been as part of QCUncut, my talk show podcast here on QuadCities.com, which offers uncut, unedited... Read More