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For Waking Robots, Being Different Is the Only Way to Fit In

May 2nd, 2016

Angi Chapman says she wrote “Frost” while suffering an incredible fever, days later discovering the recording and hearing it as if for the first time. She remembers thinking that it sounded “hokey,” with its almost western saloon rhythm, but when she reluctantly presented the sparse demo to a trusted friend, their reaction was so positive that she had no choice but to finish the track. It has since become a fan favorite. This story is typical for of one of the Quad Cities’ most unique bands, Waking Robots. Its lead singer and songwriters staunch refusal to give in to self doubt or ever... Read More

Blacklist is on the move for the summer!

April 27th, 2016

The premiere adult, uncensored, and unapologetic improv troupe in the Quad Cities, The Blacklist is taking their summer into their own hands! It was recently announced that the Backroom Comedy Theater which has been home to the “bad boys of improv” since January of 2015 will be closing for the summer season. However Blacklist fans should not be worried! “The Father of the Blacklist,” George Strader has announced that the company will be producing a Summer Show Series across the Quad-Cities in the coming months. “We will be bringing together bands and comedy (both standup and improv) all... Read More

Q-C’s Paranormal Scene Being Introduced to ‘Sir Noface’

April 26th, 2016

Let me introduce myself properly, or improperly, I should say. Having a distaste for small talk and a love for big legends – not to mention a knack for being a beacon for odd events – my column will dive right into the wading waters of the offbeat. While I do have a grab bag full of unbelievable personal stories which often demand witness reference checks or a whole page of bibliographic peer citations I would love to share (should I mention my childhood sighting of pointy-toed larger-than-a-bear footprints in mud months after the flood of 1990?), this column is not about my story. Rather,... Read More

Creative Living at its Best

April 26th, 2016

When I was asked to be a contributing writer for www.QuadCities.com and create articles about art, I was elated and overwhelmed with the possibilities of topics. Art is such a broad and beautiful beast of tradition, progressiveness, creative conundrums and evolving expression. Would I talk about the benefits of art? That in itself is a novel of information when sharing the emotional, developmental, social, educational, and holistic and economic benefits. Or would I address all the art happenings that are currently and in the future about to be presented in the Quad Cities? Perhaps I would interview... Read More

Uncovering the comedy greatness in our backyard

April 1st, 2016

When I was first asked to take on the job writing about the local comedy scene for Quadcities.com I knew immediately what my first article would have to be about. I wanted to look back at where I personally got my start in comedy but because nearly every opportunity to do comedy in the Quad Cities stems from one organization’s timeline in our hometown; ComedySportz Quad Cities. If you’re reading this but have no idea who or what ComedySportz is, I will tell you what you are in for if you attend a show. The style of comedy performed is improv comedy. Meaning everything you see and hear... Read More

Advice to my son is good advice to myself as well

April 1st, 2016

My son Jackson turned eight this week. He is undeniably the best person I’ve ever had the honor of meeting, and I’m looking forward to experiencing the adventure of his life with him. And as that time goes by, he may ask me for the advice I’ve gained in my years before him. Which is why I started writing this list shortly after he was born, and I’ve added to it and published it every year on his birthday since. And as I look at the list, it’s good advice for me to follow as well. A friend is someone who is with you when you have nothing to offer them but your friendship. Remember... Read More

Welcome to the wide, diverse world of the Quad-Cities music scene

March 30th, 2016

I went through about a dozen different drafts for this first column, laying out my personal history in the Quad Cities music scene, in-depth retellings of experiences I’ve had in the past 16 years playing with every manner of musician, quantifying and qualifying all of the reasons why you, possible visiting music fan, should believe me and pay my opinions credence. In truth, just the fact that I can say I’ve played with the heaviest metal bands and the softest neo-folk artists all within the geographical area of the Quad-Cities is in itself a better testament to the collection of creative souls... Read More

And so it begins… Tristan Tapscott’s column on the local theater scene

March 29th, 2016

We begin. Circa ’21 Dinner Playhouse. Quad City Music Guild. Playcrafters Barn Theatre. QC Theatre Workshop. New Ground Theatre. Prenzie Players. Genesius Guild. Center for Living. Richmond Hill Players. Opera Quad Cities. Ballet Quad Cities. Bottoms Up Burlesque. Countryside Community Theatre. The After Hour. Circa ’21 Speakeasy. The Blacklist. Backroom Comedy Theatre. My Verona Productions. Comedy Sportz. Establishment Theatre. Curtainbox Theatre Company. The District Theatre. …and on and on and on… To quote one of the most brilliant musicals of all time, Hamilton, “Look... Read More

Hello again, I’m happy to meet you, and me!

March 25th, 2016

“A straight line may be the shortest distance between two points, but it is by no means the most interesting.” –  Jon Pertwee Hey! Good to see you again! I’m happy to meet you, and me, actually. I hope you’re saying the same. After all, it’s been almost eight years since my last column. The previous one was published in the first week of 2009 and I’ve been on sabbatical ever since. Thanks, Obama. Actually, believe it or not, the president had very little to do with my leave of absence. I would’ve easily been able to sneak in my duties as a special ops secret agent guarding Air... Read More

How to cheat and actually enjoy the holidays!

December 16th, 2015

Holiday time is in full swing! Are you enjoying this holiday time or are you frazzled beyond belief? As moms and especially as work at home moms, it can be a tough balancing act. We love our kiddos and want to spend time with them, after all, that is why we’ve chosen to work from home. But to find time to be with them and maintain our home-based business PLUS holidays can be tricky. I don’t know about you, but we have been invited to something every weekend through the end of the year, and most weeknights in between. PLUS I still have some last minute shopping items to take care of,... Read More