NormaLeah Ovarian Cancer Initiative invites survivors, supporters and the public to its 10th annual Cocoa & Cookies Open House on Saturday, January 29th from 11 am-2 pm at the NormaLeah office, 1614 Second Avenue in Downtown Rock Island (IL).

The Cocoa & Cookies Social is free to attend and is open to both men and women. “We encourage everyone to bring a friend and help us celebrate our grass roots efforts and learn how we are moving forward with our mission to rise up against ovarian cancer,” said Jodie Shagrin Kavensky, the organization’s founder and CEO.

NormaLeah Ovarian Cancer Initiative was established in 2008 as a 501(c)(3) organization.  Named after two sisters who died of ovarian cancer, our mission is to enrich lives through early detection education, patient support services and research funding for ovarian cancer – the silent killer of women.  Our efforts concentrate on educating women and those who love (and care for) them about ovarian cancer and its genetic link to other cancers.

NormaLeah Ovarian Cancer Initiative Holding Cocoa And Cookies Open House

In the Quad Cities, more than 2,500 women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer during their lifetime. All people born with ovaries are at risk for ovarian cancer. Many, such as breast cancer survivors (12% of women), may be at a higher risk but unaware of their increased risk. Assessing personal risks and knowing the symptoms are crucial for earlier diagnoses and improved outcomes.

Ovarian cancer has long been considered a “silent killer,” because the symptoms are subtle and advance slowly. It is hard to detect, difficult to treat, and there is no reliable screening test. NormaLeah Ovarian Cancer Initiative, headquartered in Rock Island, empowers all people born with ovaries (and those who love them) to know the risk factors and symptoms of ovarian cancer.

For more information or to get involved, contact NormaLeah Ovarian Cancer Initiative at 309.794.0009, or visit our website at

NormaLeah Ovarian Cancer Initiative Holding Cocoa And Cookies Open House
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