your-faultThe Establishment Theatre rests in the heart of the District of Rock Island just around the corner from Circa 21. Within it are your local improvisational comedy masters and the softest big pretzel you are going to find in the Q-C.  When you make it down for Comedy Sportz, be sure to stick around for the late shows. There are MANY of these. It just depends on which night you choose to come by that will decide your fate. These are geared toward adults, so the kids are more than welcome for Comedy Sportz shows, but need to be safely out of the building before the actors are virtually set free on stage for the second part of the evening!

The after show for Sept. 16 was called “It’s Your Fault.” In this improv comedy, the audience is very involved. For this particular show, there are lists on the backscreen that hangs behind the screen of a decent variety of random skits that the very talented actors play are to perform. The audience is prompted to choose which of these they would enjoy watching and it comes to life before them. These can get kind of crazy as they are for a mature audience. So if you see something that either freaks you out or frightens you a little. One must remember, IT’S YOUR FAULT because you chose the skit!

I loved this show because I am drawn to improv naturally as I can never remember anything but am often quite hilarious. The audience really enjoys this theatre as a whole, but this particular show is incredible because of the level of control. I really enjoy watching the people get so excited and shouting out their choices and ideas. Sometimes, I cannot help but ad lib my own ideas because I often talk too much. Sometimes they use my ideas. I never confirm it was me yelling them out. But I always feel like such a STUD when they pick something I have thought of.

If you want to feel like a stud, like their page or call them at (309) 786-1111 and reserve your tickets today! Comedy Sportz starts at 7p.m. with the adult show following after a short intermission, usually around 9:30 p.m.
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Amanda Jo Payne read her first novel by age 5 and began writing plays and poetry at age 11, when she received her first typewriter from her mother. A love for putting words together pushed her into higher education and she obtained her Board of Trustees BA from Western Illinois University in 2008. As a mother of three and a grandmother of four, she spends most of her time reading and taking care of her family.