Local cornbread aficionado Aiden Landman has been gifted with a golden honor.

Cornbread. Food of the gods.

According to an excited and tasty post on Landman’s Facebook just moments ago, he was nominated by the NCCBA (National Council for Cornbread Awareness) for the 10 day favorite cornbread image challenge.

Landman is the first Quad-Citian (that we’re aware of) to be nominated for the prestigious national award. In terms of food-related awards and image challenges, he follows in the footsteps of Tristan Tapscott, who was nominated for the 10 day favorite mojito challenge, Khalil Hacker, who was nominated for the 10 day favorite donut challenge, and yours truly, who was nominated for the 10 day favorite hoagie challenge (spoiler alert: number one? Carmichael.)

“Every day I will select an image from my cornbread pictures that has had an impact on me, post it without explanation. That’s 10 days, 10 cornbread pics, no explanations,” Landman posted.

There’s one thing that needs no explanation though: This is one of the most prestigious and impactful cornbread-related honors ever bestowed upon a Quad-Cities resident.

There’s another thing that also needs to explanation: Cornbread is the bomb, yo.

Keep your eyes posted to Landman’s Facebook as he posts his most impactful and influential cornbread pictures. The results will undoubtedly be controversial, mind (and stomach) expanding, and… delicious.


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