Have we really gotten to this point?

Sigh. I guess so.

Anyway, One Human Family QCA is offering free non-violence training and planning responses regarding any failure to accept election results and ensuing violence due to that. You know, the same election results that have been accepted in non-violent fashion for over 100 years. But, hey, it’s 2020, Jake. I’m not saying they’re wrong for doing this, I’m saying it’s sad they have to even think about it, let alone put something like this together.

“Everyone must stand united in favor of fair and free elections in this United States of America,” says Rev. Rich Hendricks, co-founder of One Human Family QCA (OHF). “Let us be proactive in our love by learning the art of nonviolent protest and how to use, if necessary, civil disobedience to oppose an unjust regime.”

To that end, OHF will offer two non-violence trainings and scenario discussions on Zoom in advance of the November 3rd elections:

Monday, October 26th at 7pm and Tuesday, October 27th at 2pm. Register for one of the trainings by emailing richdhendricks@msn.com.

The first half of the trainings will focus on the history and practicalities of non-violence and civil disobedience. The second half of the trainings will be a discussion about taking action in the event that #45 refuses to accept the results of the 2020 elections. As Dr. Matthew Coomber says, “While we do not expect that this problem will arise, we are aware of concerted efforts being made to delegitimize our election process—including by some elected officials. Therefore, as faith leaders we feel a responsibility to help the greater community to be prepared to respond in both meaningful and effective ways.”

One suggestion put forward as a first response is a “Pro-Constitution Rally and Prayer Vigil.” This would be a massive response by the people here locally in favor of allowing the vote to have the full force and effect of law under the United States Constitution. OHF seeks to cooperate and coordinate with other local organizations in the event such a rally and prayer vigil become necessary.

All people of good will interested in fair and free elections are invited to come and participate in the trainings.


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