Playcrafters Barn Theatre presents the world wide premiere of…
The Whistleblower’s Dilemma
Moline's Playcrafters Presents World Debut Of 'The Whistlebower's Dilemma'by Jim Sederquist
Rated PG for Adult Themes
Directed by Mike Turczynski
Man finds fraud in factory. Fraudster frames man. Man conspires with friend on new fraud to frame fraudster and save factory. Concurrently, investigator suspects fraud in factory. Investigator invited by friend’s sister to visit town, but investigator’s manager forbids investigator from formally inquiring about fraud at factory. Man meets investigator. Can the man and the friend forestall the investigator who can’t question from finding the fraud set up to frame the fraudster who originally framed the factory fraud on the man before they themselves turn in the fraudster for the first fraud and save the factory? This is “The Whistleblower’s Dilemma.”
This project is supported by Quad City Arts, through the Arts Dollars re-granting program, supported by the Illinois Arts Council Agency and the Hubbell-Waterman Foundation.
The Whistleblower’s Dillema runs August 13-15, 20-22, Friday & Saturday 7:30PM and Sunday 3PM
Tickets $12 ($10 Military/Senior)



Moline's Playcrafters Presents World Debut Of 'The Whistlebower's Dilemma'
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